Dapper Dan Drops ‘DAP’ Collection For The GAP

Dapper Dan Drops ‘DAP’ Collection For The GAP

Dapper Dan is releasing another collection with The GAP as part of their "DAP GAP" collaboration.

Dapper Dan is back for a new release with mega clothing retailer The GAP.

The reunion between the fashion visionary and the American clothing brand comes at the heels of last year’s successful release of its “DAP GAP” hoodies, as reported by Hypebeast. However, this year’s collection will bring back the classic sweatshirts and expand into Harlem-inspired wearables—a nod to Dapper Dan’s upbringing—with items also for children.

The 18-piece assortment will feature sweatpants and accessories such as baseball hats, totes and socks; prices range from $25 to $128. The hoodies are emblazoned with the New York City neighborhood listed underneath the iconic “DAP” logo. As for how Harlem will be represented in this collection, Dapper Dan expressed the idea of a “visual bridge” connecting the clothes to the famed area known for its artistry.

“A breakthrough is when people finally find their space in areas they have never been before, but a breakout is when you take the culture and the people who created it and bring it around the world. When Gap came to me, this partnership signified a breakout for the culture,” Dapper Dan said. “This DAP GAP campaign is my love letter to Harlem and my way of continuing to propel our culture and community forward. Gap gave us the global presence that allowed us to have the breakout, and I can’t wait for the next generation to be a part of this movement.”

To amplify the collection, a “DAP GAP” campaign was shot by a Ghanaian-American photographer, Joshua Kissi. The campaign shoot further uplifts Harlem by featuring diverse community members, such as restauranteur Melba Wilson, poet Felipe Luciano, and model Giannina Oteto.

Right in time for the holiday season, the collection will debut at GAP’s Harlem location Dec. 4, with online purchases beginning the next day.