Concordia University To Offer A College Course On Dave Chappelle

Suppose there are some things you don’t know about Dave Chappelle. Well, you might want to enroll in a college course taught by Yassin “Narcy” Alsalman at Montreal’s Concordia University, according to Complex.

The course, for which Alsalman is currently writing a syllabus, will be offered this fall. He recently discussed the plan on the podcast Jibber With Jaber with host, Ahman Jaber. Alsalman said that the course would cover several different topics, including the impact the comedian has had on the world of hip-hop specifically to what he represents as a person.

“I’m writing my syllabus right now, and from what Dave and the community around him gave me, I’m gonna kind of celebrate that at the 50th anniversary of hip-hop as a community,” he explained.

He also mentioned he intends to decipher Chappelle’s Show, which aired on Comedy Central from 2003-2006 and was a colossal hit before Chappelle left after a signing a huge contract. For future courses, Alssalman said there are other Black culture luminaries he would like to explore.

“So we’re gonna go through The Chappelle Show, we’re gonna watch some of his specials […], I’m gonna do a Black Star class, I’m gonna do The Roots class, I’m gonna do an Erykah Badu class, a Soulquarians class, and talk about just the juxtaposition of the responsibility of comedy in music, and then the consumption of Black performance and what does that mean in North America […].”

Alsalman has incorporated several recognizable artists in past hip-hop-related courses, including Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Kanye West, and Kaytranada.

He added that although the course will be about Chappelle, he hopes to speak to people who may know the comedian to stop by in the hope he’ll get one of them to bring the outspoken and controversial comedian to a class.