Dawn Staley Chastises South Carolina Women’s Basketball Team For Behavior Toward Opponents

"None of the extra stuff that went on. That's just not characteristic of our team. So we addressed it; we'll move on"

Legendary basketball player and South Carolina Gamecocks coach Dawn Staley had some words for her players regarding the way they had been carrying themselves against opponents in recent games.

According to The Mirror US, after recent games against North Carolina and Duke, Staley was disappointed in how her players on the South Carolina women’s basketball team were acting toward their opponents. The team got the win, but the trash-talking and skirmishes taking place were unacceptable to the coach. She expects the women to show more respect for the game while they are actively on the basketball court.

Staley said she talked with her team about their behavior. Acknowledging that they played with grit and heart, she also said the trash-talking was unnecessary.

“Just being able to handle the moment in the way that we need to handle the moment [is important],” Staley said on Tuesday. “None of the extra stuff that went on. That’s just not characteristic of our team. So we addressed it; we’ll move on.

“We’ll respect the game and how to play it. Hopefully, that’s just a lesson learned. … I’m good without all the kisses, and all of that crap. That’s not a part of who we are.”

The kiss-blowing player Coach Staley was referring to was forward Chloe Kitts. At Sunday’s game against Duke, she blew a kiss at Jadyn Donovan after she made a jumper in front of her.

Kitts did have regrets for doing so, telling Greenville News, “I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I let the game come to me. That just happens, but it probably won’t happen again. … We played with each other at USA Basketball so there’s no hate. It’s all love.”

The Gamecocks, ranked number one in the nation, will play Utah on Dec. 10.

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