Day in the Life: Meet Carlos Ray of Magic Johnson Enterprises

Day in the Life: Meet Carlos Ray of Magic Johnson Enterprises

Carlos Ray (Image: Diallo Washington)

This article originally appeared on The Well, Jopwell’s editorial hub. 

Carlos Ray
Director of Communications, Magic Johnson Enterprises
Los Angeles, CA
Twitter: @CRayPR, @MagicJohnson

6:00am:: I’m awake. Not out of bed, but awake. I stare at my bedroom ceiling for the next five minutes. I like to have a bit of quiet time before starting my morning routine.

6:05am: I grab my iPhone from my nightstand and check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and, as of recently, Snapchat. I read USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times to catch up on the news. I check a few emails.

6:45am: I turn on the TV and flip back and forth between SportsCenter, CNN, and local news. I watch while responding to the emails I checked earlier.

8:15am: I’m out the door and into my car. I cycle between NPR, Sports Radio, and music on the drive. I’m all about taking the back streets to work (anyone from Los Angeles knows that taking Olympic across the San Vicente Junction at this time is not a good way to start the day). Luckily, I don’t live far from the office, which is in Beverly Hills. The commute only takes about 15 minutes.

8:45am: I make it to work, stopping at the café in our lobby to make a custom parfait: yogurt, granola, fresh strawberries, and diced mango. I take the elevator up to the office and get settled at my desk. I eat my breakfast while knocking out a few quick emails regarding Mr. Johnson’s upcoming speaking engagements.

10:00am: I cycle through the news again and print a few relevant headlines to place on Mr. Johnson’s desk. Today’s batch includes the news that Delta Airlines, a partner of ours through SodexoMAGIC, acquired 37 Airbus Jets. Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE) works across a range of different businesses of Mr. Johnson’s. We’re focused on providing access to high-quality entertainment, products, and service that answer the demands of multicultural communities. As MJE’s Director of Communications, I handle requests for media appearances and interviews, along with Mr. Johnson’s social media and digital operations. But, like most smaller companies, my responsibilities don’t stop at my job description. That’s all part of the fun.

11:00am: Next up: the wonderful world of editing stories for Mr. Johnson’s new content platform, The Playbook, which provides followers and fans with principles and strategies to take their careers to the next level. I edit an article offering tips on how to deliver an unforgettable presentation. I also make sure that our editorial calendar is up to date and that my teammates and I are on the same page about what’s in the pipeline. Once new articles go up on The Playbook, they are posted on Mr. Johnson’s social channels. It’s pretty cool being able to reach millions of people through social media.

11:30am: A producer cold-calls the office from Russia about an opportunity for a movie role for Mr. Johnson. I ask him to send me specifics about the film and the role. Calls like these are pretty common.

12:45pm: I head to lunch. Lately, I’ve been trying to eat better, so when I get to Whole Foods I speed-walk past the baked goods. If you’ve had their vegan chocolate chip cookies, you can definitely understand why. I make a salad.

2:00pm: Back at my desk, I check Twitter to see what’s happening, respond to more emails, and finish editing a couple more articles. I compile some info and stats to prepare for an upcoming appearance Mr. Johnson will be making as part of his involvement in President Obama’s mentorship initiative, My Brother’s Keeper (he’s co-chair of the My Brother’s Keeper National Convening Council).

3:30pm: Time for a conference call reconnecting with a few contacts at a public relations agency. We review some background on our organizations and explore opportunities to work together. I think the call went well! We make plans to connect again.

4:15pm: I field a few inbound requests regarding upcoming speaking engagements, sending out Mr. Johnson’s sizzle reel. Then I switch back to editing press releases, blog posts, and social media copy to be featured on the MJE website and social media accounts.

5:30pm: Mr. Johnson is receiving an award from General Colin Powell and his wife, Alma, in Washington, D.C. in a few days, so I’m pulling together an info packet for his trip. It includes his itinerary and a bunch of background info on the Powells, America’s Promise Alliance, and the fellow honorees.

6:45pm: I get home, lamenting the fact that the NBA games I wanted to watch are over by now (I have a love-hate relationship with the Pacific Timezone.). I relax a bit. For dinner, it’s a chicken, white bean, and kale soup night. I check a few emails while eating, then transition my focus to an assignment from an online business analysis class I’m taking. We’re learning about decision-making methodology.

9:30pm: Time to hit the gym, which I try to do at least five times a week. I prefer waiting until later at night because the post-work rush is basically one big Instagram photoshoot (I always try to guess the hashtag). Today is leg day for me, so I do some work on the leg press and get in a series of squats, followed by leg curls, leg extensions, and some good old calf raises.

11:30pm: I make a quick protein shake, eat a Fuji apple, take a shower, and hit my pillow. Tomorrow should be a good day. It’s a Friday, and we’ll be getting ready for Mr. Johnson’s appearance on a popular late-night show. I can’t mention which show just yet, but follow us on Twitter for updates.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson is an investor in Jopwell.

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