DC Young Fly Discusses Life Lessons & Loss

DC Young Fly Discusses Life Lessons & Loss

DC Young Fly opened up about how he’s been holding up following the death of his partner, Jacky Oh’s, death following a plastic surgery procedure. The comedian advised about loss, plastic surgery and life lessons TMZ reported.

When the June 28 interview began, the 31-year-old gave his thoughts on whether or not Jacky Oh’s passing, and the conversations surrounding it, would serve to deter people from getting plastic surgery. He said, “It should if they’re paying attention, you know what I mean. Some people use certain people as lessons, and some people are just going to keep going with their lives.” 

 “I just want people to take care of yourselves, make sure you make the best decisions for you and your family and always keep God first. Don’t let nobody break your character,” He continued. The father of three kids admitted that he’s been crying often, but it’s to be expected after his loss. 

“We are human. We emotional. That’s the point. People want to see me cry. I’m just not going to record myself crying and show you I’m crying. I’d rather show positivity and let people know that God Is the greatest. I want to continue to show that God is keeping me uplifted, and he keeps granting me the strength,” DC explained.

He told TMZ that he got his strength from God, his friends, and his family.

“Being with my brothers, you know, great love and great energy, you know. God is the greatest. He’s granted me the strength to keep going. That’s the message I want to continue to put out there in the world because there’s a lot of stuff out there and they want to desensitize the enemy and what the enemy is doing. Nah, the enemy is still working but God is always greater, you dig.”

DC expressed that much of his focus is on protecting his children. He shared, “I got to take care of my babies, and that’s the key to life. You got to keep going, stay prayed up, and never let the tragedies and stuff that you’re going through bring you down…we’ll get through it.”

DC and Jacky Oh shared three children together: Nova, Nala, and Prince. Jacky Oh died on May 31 in Miami following a “mommy makeover” procedure.