Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders Says He Attracts Players Who Want To Be Great

"There are players who are playing for a bag, which growing up in the environment, you can't blame them, you can't fault them."

Football head coach Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders may not be attracting players who are chasing NIL (Name, image, and likeness) deals, but that’s OK.

He says he’s getting the type of athlete who “focuses on being great.”

According to Bleacher Report, Sanders appeared on a recent episode of Front Office Sports Today During his discussion, University of Colorado coach spoke about the appeal for student-athletes trying to obtain riches during their collegiate career. Sanders gets the appeal, but he added that the type of player attracted to his team has a loftier goal.

“I don’t attract that type of player. I attract the type of player who wants to be great, who understands he has a window of opportunity, and who is committed to excellence.

“There are players who are playing for a bag, which growing up in the environment, you can’t blame them, you can’t fault them. If you’re going to give up a bag, you’re gonna have players playing for a bag, so I do understand it. I may not condone that’s your focus because I’ve always thought if you just focus on being great, the bag is gonna find you.”

Sanders is gearing up for his upcoming second season. NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp has officially been hired by the school as a graduate assistant. According to BuffZone, the defensive specailist was introduced to the team March 31 and is enrolled in graduate classes at the CU Boulder Graduate School. The Buffaloes won four games last year.