Warren Sapp, Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders Confirms Warren Sapp Will Join Colorado Buffaloes Football Staff

Sapp just graduated from Texas Seminary Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Sports Management

Several days after clowning former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson for asking to join his Colorado Buffaloes coaching staff, Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders made it official that Super Bowl Champion defensive player Warren Sapp would be a coach for the Buffaloes football team, Yahoo Sports reports.

Coach Prime appeared on The Rich Eisen Show to make the announcement and congratulate the former player for receiving his college diploma. The incoming defensive coach graduated from Texas Seminary Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Sports Management.

Earlier this year, Coach Prime said he would welcome Warren Sapp onto his staff once he received that diploma and mission accomplished!

Calling Sapp a big “teddy bear,” the Colorado coach looks forward to having him on staff.

“To see him go get his diploma because I know what he wants to do, he wants to coach on this staff, and he wants to be a part of this staff,” Sanders stated. “And he is going to be a part of this staff.”

The players love the 51-year-old Sapp, and Sanders reminded Eisen of the students’ admiration for him already. He reminisced about a time earlier this season when Sapp was in the hot tub, and after a few players joined in, after less than an hour, the whole defensive line was in there with him, trying to soak up his knowledge of the game.

He even credits Sapp with extending his knowledge to the offensive linemen.

“Even the offensive linemen, they glean from him too because he’s so thought-provoking that he can tell them, ‘Don’t let the defensive lineman get you at that point or this point or this point.’ I think he’s that, he’s a wealth of knowledge and he’s hilarious, man.”

Although Sanders has brought much attention to the football team and improved upon the previous season’s 1-11 record, the team still came in last place and ended the season with a 4-8 win-loss total.