Deion Sanders Consoles Distraught Jackson State Player Who Dropped Potential Game-Tying Touchdown Pass

The undefeated season for Jackson State University came to a bitter end this weekend as the Tigers lost the Celebration Bowl over the weekend against North Carolina Central, 41-34.

The nailbiter came down to the wire. In overtime, quarterback Shedeur Sanders had an opportunity to tie the game. With just minutes on the clock, Sanders threw a pass to Hayden Hagler in the end zone. Hagler caught the football, and then lost control, dropping the pass that could have potentially helped JSU tie the game.

Aside from dashing Deion Sanders‘ hopes of leaving the school with a win before heading to a coaching job at the University of Colorado, the loss left Hagler dejected and facing a barrage of criticism and hate mail, including death threats.

 “Coach Primetook time to console Hagler in a video clip that emerged and gone viral.

According to Sports Illustrated, the viral video took place after Sanders was seen speaking to Hagler, who was sitting in front of a locker with his head down, crying.

Jackson State University was losing in overtime. It was third down with the Tigers positioned at the 1-yard line. Shedeur Sanders threw a pass to Hagler and he couldn’t hold on to the ball, which would have placed them in position to kick a game-tying extra point. Although the team had another final chance to score, another incomplete pass sealed the defeat for Coach Prime’s final game with Jackson State University.

“We go through adversity in everything. OK? That ain’t on you, that’s on us,” Sanders told the young man. “We, we lost together, do you understand that? Alright, man, come one, come on. I need you to fight through it. Adversity is gonna prepare you for life, alright? Let’s fight through it … you’ve got to believe that. That moment is gonna make you who you want to be for the rest of your life. You feel me? Let’s do it. Come on, baby. Love you, man.”

Pastor Dewey E. Smith posted a message from Hagler’s family asking for prayers after the death threats intensified.

Reminder: we’ve all dropped the ball a time or two in our lives.