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Deion Sanders’ New Book Unveils Insights Into Jackson State Football Journey

Deion Sanders' latest book provides a candid glimpse into his tenure as the head coach of Jackson State football.

Deion Sanders’ latest book, “Elevate and Dominate -21 Ways to Win On and Off the Field,” provides a candid glimpse into his tenure as the head coach of Jackson State football. It sheds light on pivotal moments and decision-making processes.

Sanders, who led Jackson State to two Southwestern Athletic Conference championships during his three-year tenure, disclosed previously undisclosed details about his coaching journey, including his interactions with other schools and his decision to choose Colorado over other offers.

According to Sanders, toward the end of his third season with Jackson State, he was approached by other schools, including Colorado. Despite the tempting offers, Sanders ultimately made the decision to stay true to his commitment to Jackson State.

“I wasn’t looking for a new job. I was focused on turning Jackson State into a powerhouse,” Sanders revealed. “But once major colleges started showing interest, I knew I had to weigh my options.”

In the book, Sanders reflects on his initial meetings with various community members in Jackson, including local pastors, gang leaders, drug dealers, and hood heroes. He emphasizes the importance of building connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds and acknowledges the role of community leaders in supporting the team through challenges.

“I knew that I needed those pastors to help us pray through storms and trials and tribulations,” Sanders remarked. “Their role is just as important as anyone else’s.”

Addressing his decision to choose Colorado over other offers, Sanders attributed his choice to divine guidance. He expressed his belief that God wanted him to embark on a different assignment, one that would involve unifying people in a different environment.

“After careful consideration and prayer, I chose Colorado because I believed it was where God wanted me to be,” Sanders affirmed. “He wanted me to change the game in a different way.”

Despite his departure from Jackson State, Sanders remains proud of the accomplishments achieved during his tenure. He believes that his time at Jackson State left a lasting impact on the football program and the broader community.

“While our time in Jackson was relatively short, I like to think our impact was relatively large,” Sanders reflected. “We challenged the belief that HBCUs were inferior, and we proved that they are not.”

Through “Elevate and Dominate,” Sanders offers readers an inside look at the complexities of coaching at Jackson State and the transformative power of sports in fostering unity and empowerment within communities.