Deion Sanders Under Fire For ‘Embarrassing’ His Colleague

Jackson State Head Football Coach Deion Sanders is garnering criticism for an interview conducted in direct association with his JSU program’s staff.

Prior to their matchup Saturday against the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats, who they defeated 48-8, Sanders is catching heat for embarrassing Jackson State Assistant Athletic Director for Broadcasting and Video Services Rob Jay during a sit-down interview.

The now-viral video shows a disappointed Sanders calling out his JSU colleague for his tone.

“Nah, straight up, you were not talking like that just two minutes ago,” Sanders said in the video.

Sanders then asks Jay: “Can you come in and do the interview how you normally sound?”

Jay replies, “I just want to be clear and concise. I can’t just say, ‘Wassup Co.'”

But Sanders emphasized he didn’t want Jay to do that, but instead, to be himself for the interview, which Sanders claimed Jay was not doing once the cameras turned on.

After several attempts of resuming the interview while still recording, Sanders and Jay seem to get on the right track.

“Much better,” Sanders replies.

Many thought it was embarrassing to criticize a colleague during an interview rather than behind the scenes.

But others believe Sanders was being authentic and genuine toward his colleague.

Some believe however that the two joke like this all the time and that the situation was blown out of proportion.

The JSU Tigers are now 6-0 on the season as Sanders continues their on- and off-field success and in shining a light on the HBCU program and SWAC sports division.

The NFL Hall of Famer made headlines last Saturday, Oct. 8, after his confrontation with Alabama State Head Coach Eddie Robinson Jr. after the Tigers’ 26-12 victory over the Hornets.

Sanders and the Jackson State football program are also gearing up for their Prime Video four-part docuseries called Coach Prime, which is set to release in December.