Deion Sanders Demands JSU Football Players Stay In Houston Hotel Following Rapper Takeoff’s Death

Coach Prime had time and prompted his 8-0 Jackson State University football players to stay put when they get to Houston to play.

For good reason, after Migos group member Takeoff was shot and killed in Houston Tuesday morning, Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders made an impassioned speech, demanding his players stay safe in the hotel while in Houston.

The team is scheduled to play the Texas Southern Tigers Saturday but Sanders urged them not to leave the hotel while in Houston after the shooting.

According to TMZ, the NFL Hall of Famer referenced the shooting while giving a speech to the team Tuesday in preparation for their next game.

“I’m just sick and tired of the consistency of people that are influential to you are leaving us consistently, that’s our rappers.

“Takeoff was murdered in a dice game in Houston— where we’re going,” Sanders informed his young players. “So, that eliminates all y’all leaving that hotel, ’cause it ain’t happening until I give you further notice.”

The influential coach explained to his players that we’re losing our hip-hop artists to the ignorance of the streets. He also points the finger at our community referencing the sentiment that Black lives matter “but it’s always us” contributing to our destruction.

“I’m sad because it always seems like it’s us, but we wanna say we matter, we wanna say we keep it 100, but it’s always us!”

The former reality TV star also gave advice that he may have had to follow himself as he became an NFL legend.

“Sooner or later, we gotta start changing our addresses, guys. That’s an analogy to say, ‘I know we this, but we ain’t that.’ We gotta leave behind what we once did. You’re not whoever you were a year ago. You’re not even who you’re going to be a year from now, which is a blessing. But you can’t continuously do the things you’ve always done and expect to get the results.”