Teacher Kicks Girl Out of Classroom, Says Brown Tights Looked Nude
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

From Newsone.

Eleven-year-old honor student Deja Tunstill was sent to the principal’s office for wearing a pair of brown tights, which made her appear naked, said her teacher. Deja had never been in trouble at school, according to her mother Yolanda Tunstill.

“I can understand if they said okay, this type of material, this type of clothing,” Tunstill said. “But for you to make a remark to state becasue the pants were brown and to make a remark about my daughter’s skin color… That was not right to me.”

Ms. Tunstill said she thinks her daughter was discriminated against because of her skin color. The Los Angeles United School District responded to the allegations, stating Deja was not removed from class because of her skin color.

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