11-Year-Old Boy Belting Broadway Song Lands Him a Free Trip to New York City Thanks to Delta

11-Year-Old Boy Belting Broadway Song Lands Him a Free Trip to New York City Thanks to Delta

Nathan Broxton‘s vocal abilities, animated expressions, and admiration for the theater landed the 11-year-old an opportunity of a lifetime, a free trip to New York City to see his first live Broadway show courtesy of Delta Airlines.

This surprise comes after the California native went viral for his rendition of Matilda: The Musical’s “Naughty.”

In the clip previously shared on Broxton’s mother Samantha’s TikTok account on Jan. 7, the preteen was seen dramatically singing along to “Naughty” as he continuously stared into the distance and moved his arms.

Days later, the video made its way to Twitter and started generating millions of views after social media users Kendra Jones and Ayanna Prescod shared the video on their respective accounts. The clip then caught the attention of several individuals from the theater community, including Bebe Neuwirth, who described the event as “fantastic.”  


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At the same time, April Reign, former managing editor for Broadway Black, retweeted the recording and claimed that given Broxton’s recent performance, it appears the preteen is destined to have a successful future on the Broadway stage. 

Reign wrote while mentioning Broxton’s parents, Samantha and William K. Broxton’s social media handles, “When @RaisingSelf and @WKBroxton’s son walks across the stage to receive his #Tonys, you can say ‘I remember him when…'”

Despite the overwhelming support from numerous fans, on Jan. 11, Broxton’s mother, Samantha, disclosed that only more good news was underway after revealing that they had received a free trip to New York City from Delta Airlines.

In a tweet, she wrote, I am in shock. @Delta airlines is sending Nathan and the entire family to see his first Broadway musical in New York City!!!!!” Shortly after Samantha’s tweet, the airline company replied to the post by saying, “When you’re made for the stage, there’s no better place to see your dreams than NYC.”

Details regarding what shows the Broxton family will see or when the event will occur have not been released to the general public.