Delta Sigma Theta Hazing Investigation Heats Up at FAMU

Delta Sigma Theta Hazing Investigation Heats Up at FAMU

A new report reveals what led to the suspension of a number of Delta Sigma Theta sorority sisters at Florida A&M University and put the sorority itself on inactive status last month , HBCU Digest reports.

The incident report from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office says that 21-year-old Inita Knox lost consciousness during a sorority orientation meeting on February 5th.

Someone had anonymously reported that about 30 pledges were at the meeting in a sorority member’s apartment and that pledges had to memorize information about the sorority, all 55 pledges’ names, majors, and hometown’s, and if they didn’t know the information, the members made the pledges do squats for long periods of time. During the process, Knox passed out.

The report claims sorority pledge president, Jacoria Borders, did not want to call law enforcement after Knox passed out. But Knox told investigators that she faints sometimes for no reason because of her heart murmur and denied she was hazed.

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