Derek Jeter Turns Attention To Life After Retirement

Derek Jeter Turns Attention To Life After Retirement

At the end of this Major League Baseball season, the game will bid farewell to New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter who will begin retirement.

But life continues and the Yankees legend is taking his talents into the business world.

The Yankees shortstop announced the launch of Jeter Publishing, a partnership with Simon & Schuster, last November. He also became a partner and brand development officer of Luvo, a food company that pushes “great tasting healthy meals.”

As Jeter’s apotheosis into baseball immortality continues, he has struck deals with national brands such as Gatorade, Movado, Nike’s Brand Jordan, Rawlings, and memorabilia dealer Steiner Sports.

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The Associated Press notes, “A trust controlled by Jeter sold his 5,425-square-foot apartment on the 70th floor of Trump World Tower on Manhattan’s East Side in October 2012 for $15.5 million. His primary residence is set to be the 30,875-square foot house he had constructed on Davis Islands in Tampa, Florida, in 2010-2011 that some have nicknamed ‘St. Jetersburg.'”

He will likely be turning more attention to his Turn 2 Foundation and do deals that made him a brand spokesman and give him equity.

Jeter has won five World Series titles with the Yankees. The team plans to honor him during a pregame ceremony on Sept. 7.