Deshaun Watson Proposes Eight-Game Ban, $5 Million Fine

Deshaun Watson Proposes Eight-Game Ban, $5 Million Fine

As we head into the National Football League, season sports fans want to know how the Deshaun Watson suspension will play out.

After being suspended for six games by Judge Sue L. Robinson, the NFL appealed the decision and has appointed former New Jersey Attorney General Peter C. Harvey to hear the argument. Now Watson has offered a compromise.

According to The Associated Press, Watson, the Cleveland Browns new quarterback is willing to accept being suspended for eight games and pay a $5 million fin. Robinson initially recommended that Watson be suspended for six games this season. The NFL wants an indefinite suspension (for at least a minimum of one season) along with a $5 million  fin

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league want Watson to be suspended for a minimum of 17 games, a substantial fine of over $5 million and wants to mandate the Browns quarterback to undergo evaluation and treatment before he gets the chance to apply for reinstatement.

Earlier this week, Goodell was asked why he wants to appeal Robinson’s decision.

“Because we’ve seen the evidence,” he said. “She (Robinson) was very clear about the evidence. She reinforced the evidence, that there [were] multiple violations here and they were egregious, and that it was predatory behavior. Those were always things we felt [were] really important for us to address and in a way that’s responsible.”

With the suspension looming over his head, Watson is slated to play his first preseason game for the  Browns in Jacksonville, Fla.

As BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported, Watson missed the 2021-2022 NFL season due to allegations of sexual misconduct by 22 women. Nearly two weeks after a grand jury refused to indict him, a second grand jury declined to indict him.

In March, Watson agreed to waive his no-trade clause with the Houston Texans to receive a five-year, fully guaranteed $230 million contract from the Cleveland Browns, a move that was widely criticized by fans and media.