WATCH: Designer Duo Coco & Breezy Showcase ‘Rainy Days’ S/S 2012

Identical twins Corianna and Brianna Dotson left their hometown of Minnesota at 19 to make their dream move to New York City. Starting with little-to-nothing, these two go-getters tapped into their entrepreneurial spirit and established Coco and Breezy, a futuristic-inspired accessories and eyewear line. Fast-forward, two years later and the 21-year-olds have gone from designing each piece by hand to producing their products on a larger scale. Celebrities from Nikki Minaj to Serena Williams have been spotted wearing their shades, and most recently Beyoncé donned their “Uni” bracelet in her “Let’s Move!” video. caught up with the part Black, part Puerto Rican duo at their S/S 2012 New York Fashion Week Private Runway Show. The ladies chatted about the inspiration for their latest collection, what it took to bring their brand to the next level and the importance of investing in yourself.

Videographer: Melissa Johnson

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