Detroit to Host the Largest Black Doll Expo in the Nation

Detroit to Host the Largest Black Doll Expo in the Nation

black doll show expo
Source: Sandy’s Land Doll Show

On Saturday, Nov. 9, Detroit will host the largest doll show in the country, promoting dolls of color to empower children of color.

The doll show will be hosted by the entertainment company, Sandy’s Land L.L.C. Its mission is for their clients to be able to “Party with a Purpose.” The main purpose of the doll show, according to, is to celebrate the history, culture, diversity, and self-love with the promotion of dolls of color.

According to, the Detroit Doll Show will include new as well as returning vendors that seek to fully serve every child and adult who has an inner child. The vendors themselves are a diverse and talented set of individuals. These experienced vendors include “children authors, the culture corner, Black memorabilia and Black dolls.”

The program will also include a variety of entertainment from artists such as Motown Mic, who was recently awarded Spoken Word Artist of the Year, and TEDx speaker Mikhaella Norwood who is also doing spoken word. There will also be a Mini Play House workshop sponsored by Power Org Math as well as a photo booth sponsored by the companies, B Elegant & Strike a Pose.

According to, other events include “the Doll Look-Alike contest, Giant Games, Girl Power Corner, Head Wrap Workshop, Doll Making Workshops, Building Better Men, a presentation by Odis Bellinger who is the founder of the Building Better Men Program, and a screening of the movie, The Sky Princess.

The doll show will be hosted at its new venue, Northwest Activities Center. This center will provide free parking and food to the attendees.