Diddy Allegedly Forced Cassie To Get Breast Implants, Then Have Them Removed

Diddy Allegedly Forced Cassie To Get Breast Implants, Then Have Them Removed

Diddy allegedly forced Cassie to undergo a risky procedure.

Details emerged on Nov. 21, alleging producer Sean “Diddy” Combs forced singer Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura to get breast implants and have them removed shortly after.

An inside source spoke to Daily Mail about the exchange which took place after Thanksgiving in 2009. According to the anonymous witness, who said she was present when Cassie and Diddy appeared for a breast augmentation consultation with celebrity surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan, the rapper allegedly forced the “Me and You” singer to undergo the procedure. Unsatisfied with the size of the results, Diddy allegedly demanded that the doctor remove the implants the next day and have them replaced with smaller ones.

Dr. Ryan, who has worked with celebrities such as Heidi Montag, Gene Simmons, Shauna Sand, and Vince Neil, informed Diddy and Cassie of the health implications of quickly removing the implants. However, the source said Diddy challenged the surgeon’s advice.

“Diddy thought they could go into surgery, like now, and take them out,” the source said. In response, the doctor said, “No way,” after explaining why it should be six months before Cassie underwent another operation.

Diddy responded, “No, they’ve got to come out, call who you need to call, they’ve got to come out.” The source said Diddy was the main person voicing his opinions about how he envisioned Cassie’s breast implants during the 2009 office visits. Meanwhile, Cassie stood topless for photos in front of the surgeon and Diddy as he continued to describe what he wanted.

“She was like his doll, like a dress-up doll. She had a flat chest. He said he wanted a full shape, sexy but not too big,” the witness said. “Men are usually kind of quiet in these consultations. It was out of the ordinary that he was doing all the talking and she wasn’t saying anything. She appeared meek. She was more like a Stepford wife, agreeable, amiable, but quiet.”

“He wanted me there,” the source said. “He needed some support. He thought there would be strength in numbers, with me helping navigate him through this.” 

Although the surgeon tried to stand firm on his stance that the procedure could not be done right away because Cassie needed time to heal and the fullness in her breast was due to fluid and swelling, Diddy pressured Dr. Ryan into performing the procedure. 

“Privately, Dr. Ryan told me this was mutilation, that I can’t even believe this,” the witness added. “He was saying poor Cassie, this is awful.”

The source said this was the last time she saw Diddy or Cassie. The exchange, which took place at Dr. Ryan’s office, was just shortly before the doctor accidentally drove his car off a cliff in August of the next year, while driving and texting in Malibu. 

As previously covered by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Cassie recently filed a $30 million lawsuit against Combs for his alleged abuse during their relationship. The allegations led to a settlement in less than a day. In the lawsuit, Cassie claimed Diddy beat her, forced her to have sex with multiple male prostitutes as he recorded the encounters, and had her use drugs. 

Although the two parties reached a settlement quickly, more people are opening up to support Cassie’s claims. Daily Mail reported that the singer’s initial steps to share her truth has encouraged others to come forward and corroborate the claims. The witness refrained from speaking back then to avoid bringing up more issues in the former couple’s relationship. However, the source spoke out after the lawsuit was filed to support the claim in the lawsuit that Diddy had a very controlling nature when the couple was together.

The source spoke of how the occurrence was “always … traumatiz[ing],” further describing Cassie’s experience in the relationship as having no voice, being “treated like a rat,” and overall a “cruel” and “horrible” experience.  

Cassie’s claims have also been reinforced by other people, such as rapper Young Joc, who said the rapper was the reason the singer shaved half of her head after seeing a woman with a similar haircut while at a club.

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