Diddy Wants To Help You Track Down Comb Spirits With ‘Diddy Direct’

If you’re craving Ciroc Vodka or want to sip on some DeLeon Tequila, Diddy has found a way to see exactly where you can purchase it from, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

The Chairman of Combs Global, Sean Combs, launched Diddy Direct, a platform the entrepreneur created to assist customers and retailers alike to find and buy any of the spirits under his brand.

“This platform is a game-changer for the spirits industry, and we’re proud to offer consumers and retailers direct access to our portfolio of premium spirits,” said Sean “Diddy” Combs in a written statement. “With Diddy Direct, we’re setting a new standard for direct-to-retailer & direct-to-consumer experiences and bringing the best of Combs Spirits directly to anyone, anywhere in the country.”

To announce the new venture, Diddy teamed up with DJ Khaled to bring attention to the site. A video clip showed the pair on a golf course discussing the new service.

The website directs consumers and retailers to locate Combs Spirits products in proximity, searching by location, brand, and flavor across the United States. A game-changer indeed, as the multifaceted entertainer described, because it provides easier access for beverage managers, nightclub owners, and anyone wanting to visit clubs, restaurants, and liquor stores to find out if they have Ciroc and/or DeLeon available.

This announcement comes after Diddy introduced his latest flavored vodka, CÎROC Honey Melon. It’s been described as a full-bodied spirit made with vodka distilled from fine French grapes, brimming with subtle notes of melon, honey, and other natural flavors, culminating in a taste experience that is both boldly distinct and elegantly smooth.

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