Diddy Faces Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over ‘Act Bad’ Single

Diddy Faces Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over ‘Act Bad’ Single

Diddy faces a lawsuit over his 2023 single “Act Bad.”

Diddy isn’t catching any breaks on the legal side. Now, he faces a new lawsuit over his 2023 single “Act Bad.”

It was all good a year ago when the Bad Boy founder released the single that featured the City Girls and Fabolous. Diddy danced in the nude and drove around the city with his rapper girlfriend Yung Miami.

Now, less than a year later, an inmate in New York’s Collins Correctional Facility is accusing Diddy of trademark infringement and breach of contract, Hot New Hip Hop reports. Charles Kenyatta Jr. alleges that Combs infringed on his trademark of “Act Bad” and ignored emails from his lawyer about the trademark.

“Sean Combs made a song called ‘ACT BAD’ and wanted to [sell] Act Bad merchandise, a percentage of the net profits for recorded song and music video, also a percentage of merchandise T-shirts, hats, etc.” Kenyatta says in the filing. 

Considering Kenyatta Jr.’s current incarceration, he couldn’taf sign the contract, which he says Diddy should’ve forwarded it to his Power of Attorney. 

“Secondly, it was another person’s name on the contract that had to be removed,” the filing adds. “The percentage was not of Plaintiff’s liking, there was no upfront or advance monetary and it was a bunch of miscellaneous things plaintiff wanted to remove off contract.”

Kenyatta Jr. believes Diddy orchestrated a scheme to remove him from the contract and move forward with use of the term “Act Bad” without proper acknowledgement of the trademark.

“The defendant Sean Combs and John Doe had a scheme to illegally squeeze out Plaintiff Charles Kenyatta Jr. from the contract. Plaintiff’s lawyer told Defendant Sean Comb’s lawyer John Doe has no ownership of Act Bad and should not be on the contract,” the filing states. 

It was only a few weeks after Diddy allegedly went ghost on Kenyatta Jr. that Diddy and “John Doe” moved forward with performing and promoting their new single.

“After defendant Sean Combs and John Doe signed contract without Charles Kenyatta Jr.’s consent, the defendant Sean Combs use of trademark caused confusion as to the affiliation, connection,” according to the filing. 

It’s the latest in a string of lawsuits Diddy is facing, including sexual assault lawsuits filed by three different women accusing the hip-hop mogul of sexual abuse.

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