What Employers Should Know About the Difference Between Millennials and Generation Z
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

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While the workforce conversation on how to attract and retain millennial talent has been at the forefront of many company discussions, there is a new generation of young workers who are slowly entering the workforce with career outlooks and behaviors that are both similar and different from past generations.

Generation Z is identified as those born in mid-90s to early 2000s and much like the millennial generation before them, they are very ambitious. A recent 2015 Way to Work survey conducted by Adecco Staffing USA asked 1,0001 U.S. college students, age 18-24, about their career goals and aspirations. While the two generations resemble a few similarities, results from the study show the two groups of young professionals differ on what they find essential to their success. Take a look at the statistics below to compare what millennials and Generation Z are looking for once they enter the job market.

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  • Working their dream job is the top aspiration for 32 percent of Gen Z and 24 percent of millennials
  • 34 percent of millennials voted financial stability as their greatest aspiration versus 29 percent of Gen Z
  • Opportunity for career growth is most important to 41 percent of the millennial generation versus 30 percent of Gen Z
  • 38 percent of Gen Z believe their college is preparing them for workforce success compared to 28 percent of millennials
  • 34 percent of millennials are likely to use job boards compared to 27 percent of Gen Z
  • A combined 83 percent of the millennial generation and Gen Z surveyed believe you should stay at your job three years or less

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