Digital Life with Mario Armstrong: Stay Powerful

While smartphone and tablet technology has had a profound effect on how we do business in the 21st century, we’re limited in how much we can do on the go by one factor: battery power. While each generation of portable computing technology seems to promise improved battery life, the reality is we’re on our mobile devices all day–checking e-mail and websites, taking pictures, interacting with our followers on social media. To avoid those dreadful low-battery warnings, here are three great products that can help you stay powered up all day long.

Powerbag While their stylish messenger bags, briefcases, and backpacks are nothing to scoff at, Powerbag packs a powerful secret: a battery tucked inside the bag can quickly recharge a variety of devices, from your phone and tablet to your MP3 player and MiFi device–basically, anything but a laptop. It offers a variety of battery sizes (up to the super-powered 9,000mAh unit, which can charge a smartphone up to six times) and charging USB ports built into every bag ($139.99—$249.99).

Duracell Powermat
The 24-hour Power System by Duracell Powermat gives you everything you need to quickly and painlessly keep your iPhone charged all day long. After slipping the Duracell case onto your device, you can charge wirelessly by simply laying it down on a Powermat, no messy wires needed. (My advice? Get two mats: one for your home and another for your desk.) You also get a backup battery to throw in a pocket or briefcase. Duracell Powermat is currently rolling out the technology in airports, train stations, and bars, so you’ll be able to get a quick charge when traveling. Starting this year, Powermats will be finding their way into select automobiles from General Motors (24-Hour Power System: $99.99; Extra Powermat: $34.99 (charges one device), $49.99 (two devices), $69.99 (three devices).

Mophie Juice Pack Another option to keep your iPhone alive is the Mophie Juice Pack, a case with a backup battery built in. With a simple toggle switch, your Mophie will start charging your phone. The Mophie is no slouch, either–the Juice Pack Plus will virtually double your talk time or Web browsing on an iPhone 4/4S. While these cases do add some bulk to your phone, you’ll quickly accept the tradeoff the first time the device powers up your phone and lets you get back to business ($99.95).