Dine & Design Offers a Safe Group Activity During COVID-19
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Dine & Design Offers a Safe Group Activity During COVID-19

Dine & Design
Dine & Design co-owner Eryn Jackson (Photo: Courtesy of Eryn Jackson)

You hear the words “quarantine” or “social distancing” and you immediately think of all the social things that you cannot do during this unprecedented time. As the pandemic continues to impact us all, Dine & Design hopes to offer an experience that reconnects us to happier times.

Dine & Design, an Atlanta-based paint and sip with a ’90s millennial twist, brings the full mobile experience to you. Specialty cocktails, a personal chef that provides a curated tapas menu, gifts, and more are all a part of this experience.  

Co-owners and college friends Eryn Jackson and Allanah Vincent understood the challenges being faced starting their business during a pandemic but did not let that deter them from finding a way. 

“Between contractor delays and landlords still wanting rent for business that could not service our customers, we had to think quick when it came to how we were still going to bring our new business, Dine & Design, to life,” says Jackson.

COVID-19 has taught the team the true meaning of pivot as they took their business model and made it a mobile service. “Our goal is to make each and every customer feel comfortable by following every safety protocol plus more,” declares Jackson. 

She continues, “this is probably one of the safest things you can do without putting you or your loved ones at risk but still have a fun night and awesome experience.”  

Dine & Design is all about the experience. Everything is provided for you to simply enjoy the eating, drinking, and painting. The all-inclusive packages also includes a venue to host the night if people may not feel comfortable having a bartender and instructor in their home. 

“We provide different packages that cater to the customer and their guests’ needs,” enthuses Jackson. “One of our best selling packages is The All That package. This package includes instructor, art equipment, tables, chairs, cups, utensils, chafing dishes, bartender, food, music, and a great time.”  

As many business continue to face the challenges that COVID-19 presents, they are forced to find new ways to interact with customers. Mobile businesses face even greater challenges, as their primary interactions are people facing. When asked what advice she would give to mobile businesses during the current pandemic Jackson says, “don’t give up, you will get through this” and “go to where your customers live. Utilize email, social media and find a good digital marketing company that can assist you in communicating your brand to consumers.”