Online Job Fairs: Viable Option for Disabled Job Seekers

Online Job Fairs: Viable Option for Disabled Job Seekers

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From Brazen Careerist.

The job market can already be tough, but there can be an added challenge for job seekers with a disability. Disabled Americans are protected from discrimination by law, but it’s great to have resources that will make job seeking that much easier. Online job fairs offer both convenience and viable opportunities to network and market yourself.

Brazen Careerist offers the following tips on how to find and navigate Web-based job fairs:

Targeted online career fairs give you an advantage
Unlike with women- and minority-focused recruiting, there’s no clear-cut way to identify or explain a disability. Furthermore, employment experts do not recommend highlighting a disability in a resume or cover letter.

By participating in an online recruiting environment that’s specifically targeted to people with disabilities, candidates can let their guards down, knowing the employer is eager to learn more about them.

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