Distributor Urban 1 Partners With Black History 365 For A New Black History Curriculum

Distributor Urban 1 Partners With Black History 365 For A New Black History Curriculum

The new conversations around racism and police brutality in light of the recent protests over the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others have caused new interest in learning about Black American history, especially in the education system. Now, Urban One, the country’s largest distributor of urban content, is teaming up with Black History 365 to create a new Black history curriculum in honor of Juneteenth. 

Black History 365: An Inclusive Account of American History is a new K-12 curriculum for schools around the country to offer a comprehensive review of Black American history that is often not taught in the standard U.S curriculum. The BE 100 company’s content reaches 82% of Black people living in the country and hopes the new study materials fill in the gaps missing from classrooms.

“The timeliness of this curriculum cannot be overstated,” said Cathy Hughes, founder and chairwoman of Urban One in a press statement. “Our nation is seeking answers to resolve the issue of systemic racism, and many are searching to understand why it exists in the first place. The Black History 365 curriculum helps address those concerns, and more importantly, it closes the gaps and ensures that the next generation is educated about our history. Urban One is proud to be a partner in this critical mission.”

The new curriculum will include history dating back to ancient African civilizations through today including stories from across the diaspora to teach the new generation about the cultural roots. “This curriculum represents the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and commitment to accurately tell the stories of our ancestors, many of whom have made significant contributions to the development of this nation, but their stories are seldom if ever told,” said Dr. Walter Milton Jr., former school superintendent and co-author of the new curriculum textbook.

“We are a people with a rich legacy that includes so much more than slavery. Now, our students can get that as part of their education.