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DJ Envy Pushes Back Against Real Estate Fraud Lawsuit, Alleges He Was Also Victimized

The Breakfast Club host and media personality DJ Envy is speaking out against claims that he was part of a $1.5 million real estate project that has resulted in a lawsuit.

According to AfroTech, a lawsuit filed by Anthony Barone and Anthony Martini claims the 45-year-old radio host, along with real estate couple Cesar and Jennifer Pinas, were part of a deal that promised the development of an apartment complex. However, the project fell through, and the investment has yet to be returned. The lawsuit alleges that Barone and Martini invested in two real estate ventures, Taylor Company and Flip 2 Dao, but were left on the hook after several issues resulted in an unfinished building.

DJ Envy alleges that he was never part of either of the real estate ventures and that he, too, was victimized by the Pinas to the tune of $500,000 in a separate deal that involved renovating a former school into an apartment complex.

For his initial investment, DJ Envy stood to earn upwards of $17,000 per month had the promised agreement come to fruition. Neither the project nor the agreed-upon financial windfall found completion.

The media personality believes his name was added to the lawsuit merely to bring eyes to the case and to benefit from his notoriety. According to AfroTech, Cesar Pinas corroborated part of Envy’s claim saying,

“It’s critical to clarify that he was never involved in any deals, negotiations, or partnerships that have come into question.”

However, the claims against Envy do not stop with this proposed Pinas project. Hip Hop DX reported that the radio host was also accused of purchasing several properties in Paterson, New Jersey, undervaluing them, and following the popular “fix and flip” model before renting them out.

Allegedly, the profits funded lavish lifestyles for him and others.

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