DJ Kool

DJ Kool’s Iconic Hip-Hop Single ‘Let Me Clear My Throat’ Finally Goes Platinum

In a report by WTOP on Oct. 30, DJ Kool’s iconic 1996 live club recording of “Let Me Clear My Throat” has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, a long-overdue recognition for the D.C. native. 

DJ Kool expressed his excitement at the news.

He said, “Who would have thunk that DJ Kool would’ve ever been on WTOP? I grew up listening to WTOP, so this is big for me!” He shared that a friend informed him of the platinum certification, and he discovered it on the RIAA website. The achievement comes as a source of pride for DJ Kool, a DJ and artist deeply rooted in the District.

Born as John W. Bowman Jr. in 1958, DJ Kool spent his formative years in D.C., attending local schools and being actively involved in sports. He was a four-sport athlete, participating in baseball, basketball, football, and track. His unique DJ name, “Kool,” was inspired by his basketball prowess and the compliments he received from teammates during games.

Throughout the years, DJ Kool consistently released singles on the Billboard chart and recorded albums like “The Music Ain’t Loud Enuff” and “20-Minute Workout.” However, his breakthrough came with the 1996 album “Let Me Clear My Throat,” featuring the title track with its memorable samples. It became an anthem in parties and urban nightlife worldwide. The song’s distinctive call-and-response style is deeply rooted in go-go music, with DJ Kool delivering a lively performance.

The unexpected success of “Let Me Clear My Throat” led DJ Kool to various collaborations and opportunities, including a collaboration with WWF superstar “Macho Man” Randy Savage on the song “Hit the Floor” in 2003.

Today, DJ Kool proudly represents his hometown by wearing a curly “W” at D.C. sports arenas. The “W” symbolizes his deep connection to the city and its influence on his life and career.

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