DJ Quik Remembers the Time Michael Jackson Made Him Face the Wall at His Studio

DJ Quik made an Off The Wall shocker about the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

During a recent episode of All The Smoke, the legendary West Coast producer remembered the time he almost came face to face with Jackson while both were in the same recording studio. He said he booked a session to record his first single, “Tonight,” at Westlake studio, which was owned by the King of Pop. 

While taking a break, he said they were told the Bad singer was coming to the studio to use a different room at the facility.

“They came through, warned everybody that Michael finna come through, and uh, he didn’t want nobody to see him coming through or looking, right” Quik recalled to former NBA players, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. “So everybody chilling, we taking a break from the studio, and these guys come in and they like ‘Hey y’all, um we about to bring somebody through here.’ They didn’t ask us to leave. They asked us to just turn around and face the wall, while they bring the artist through.”

He said he questioned them and asked, “Are y’all serious?” Then he and his boys were asked to turn around and face the wall so Jackson could walk through. He couldn’t believe the request, but they complied and he said when they were facing the wall, he heard MJ’s penny loafers tapping by him, running to the studio. He never saw his face or had the chance to speak with him and was in disbelief they had to face the wall as he walked through.

Quik also said there was another time when Jackson used his studio. He said this time, he wasn’t as “timid as he was” at the first encounter and was “more cool.” He mentioned Jackson may have thought he was a Blood and insinuated Jackson was a Crip.

Check out the video below: