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DJ Vlad Claims Tupac Murder Suspect Took Money For Exclusive Interview And Backed Out

YouTuber DJ Vlad claims he gave Keefe D money for an exclusive interview to discuss the raid of his home in July that led to his arrest in Tupac Shakur’s unsolved killing. In a recent interview with comedian Faizon Love, DJ Vlad said Keefe D took the money and ran.

While closing the discussion with Love, DJ Vlad said Keefe D approached him about doing a third interview with VLAD TV. In previous interviews, Keefe D revealed information pertaining to the murder that many believe led to his recent arrest. Keefe D contacted Vlad, who claimed he paid Keefe a deposit to secure the interview that never took place.

Keefe D, who had authored a book, has given numerous interviews over the years discussing his involvement in the unsolved murder. It’s been rumored that he has made money from various media outlets doing so.

DJ Vlad said, “We were actually supposed to do a third interview. He had reached out to me after the house got raided along with his co-writer.  He wants to talk more and I’m like, ‘OK, I mean if you want to talk, all right,’ but I think what happened was, I gave him a deposit for an interview. And I found out he went to a couple of other platforms and got deposits as well and he just pretty much just kept it.”

Yet, DJ Vlad said he didn’t mind because he had made a “lot of money” off the previous interview.

Shakur, 25, was shot multiple times in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson boxing match on Sept. 7, 1996. The rapper died in the hospital six days later.

Keefe D previously placed the killing of the “Me Against the World” lyricist on his nephew, Orlando Anderson, who was seen on video in a confrontation with Tupac. Anderson was killed less than a year after Tupac’s murder.

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