Tyrese Airs Out DJ Vlad’s $10K Interview Offer To ‘Leach Off of Black Culture’

Tyrese is calling out the owner of VladTV for allegedly offering thousands to public figures to continue his operation of “leaching off of Black culture.”

The “Fast and Furious” star blasted Vlad Lyubovny on Instagram this week after the vlogger spoke negatively about him during an interview with Boosie his site published on Tuesday, June 7.

“In this clip, Boosie reacted to Tyrese’s child support battle and the actor’s decision to request the help of Ben Crump and MLK’s son,” Vlad’s site wrote.

“Boosie and Vlad also recalled Tyrese’s past antics on social media before Vlad described his interactions with the “Fast & Furious” star.”

With the caption seemingly highlighting a personal quarrel between Vlad and Tyrese, the “Baby Boy” star, who’s known for not biting his tongue, took to Instagram to fire off a verbal shot at the media owner. The singer/actor revealed personal DMs showing Vlad offering him $10,000 for an interview on his platform, Complex reports.

Tyrese accuses Vlad of launching a  personal vendetta against him for turning down his interview offer. According to the “Lately” singer, Vlad is trying “milk my trauama” and “leach” off Black culture.

“Haven’t you used BLACK PEOPLE ENOUGH??? What’s the dudes name who talks off camera who owns VLAD TV?? Can y’all pull his tax returns????????,” Tyrese wrote in the since-deleted post.

“How much is he leaching off of BLACK CULTURE???? This dude is already have four people on his show and he randomly keeps bringing MY NAME UP… laughing about my divorce traumas laughing about my crying video and trying to milk my traumas and pains in the Clickbait for his goofy ass show….”

The “Sweet Lady” singer doubled down on his anti-Vlad rant on Wednesday, June 7 by reposting a few articles about his feud with the alleged “culture vulture.”

“He’s worth 5 million and that 5 million came from MY CULTURE,” Tyrese quipped. “Since my divorce and traumas are funny…. Let’s keep laughing….. What more do you want from me??”

“I want EVERY RAPPER and singer who ever gets interviewed by this culture vulture to hit them pockets….. He offered me 10k I could of stuck him for 50k.”


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This isn’t the first time DJ Vlad has been called out for his interviews with predominantly Black public figures. In the past, Vlad has been accused of seemingly working with authorities to criminate rappers who make reveals during their interviews on his platform, as noted by Moguldom.

In March, “Love & Hip Hop” star Benzino vowed to never appear on VladTV again following the murder of rapper BTB Savage over a feud many feel was ignited following an interview on Vlad’s platform. One critic claimed DJ Vlad blocked them on social media after they called him a “culture vulture.”