DMX’s Official Cause of Death Released, Fans Speak Out On Social Media

Fans reacted via social media following the official release of rapper DMX’s cause of death. 

According to Hot New Hip Hop, an analysis of the rapper’s urine determined that cocaine was present in his body. He reportedly suffered a cocaine-induced heart attack. However, a coroner did not perform an autopsy. Police and medical professions listed a cause of death. 

An identified person close to the rapper expressed that DMX was brain dead due to a drug overdose.

“His death literally happened immediately because the brain was dead,” explained the source. “So obviously, there were a number of days where he was on ventilatory support and so forth in the hospital. However, he was diagnosed brain-dead early on…He never woke up from [a coma].

The outlet also reported that despite prior speculation– DMX did not have COVID, nor was he vaccinated. 

Fans on Twitter took to the social media site to express their grief. Many fans expressed that there was no need to release the results, and the rapper should be allowed to rest in peace. 

DMX passed away on April 9.