NBA Agrees to Display Ads on Hardwood Next Season

Do You Like? NBA Agrees to Display Ads on Hardwood Next Season

Over the years, NBA teams have promoted and showcased advertisements either along courtside or on the player’s jerseys [in the D-League]. As far as marketability goes, it was always a good idea and has been pretty efficient due to the effects of having ad’s on jerseys and on the sidelines.

Starting with the 2013-2014 seasons, teams will be able to display and sell ad’s on the actual court NBA players will play on. This is a plus for NBA teams because it gives all teams another source of income opposed to ticket sales, sponsors, etc. A team that isn’t known for being engulfed in money has the opportunity to increase their capital.

According to John Lombardo of Sports Business Journal, fans will be treated to additional means of branding leading into next season. Now, ad’s will be included with the beautiful hardwood representing their home teams.