Don’t Tell ‘Em Everything

I own a new online business. However, I need to work until my business starts to generate revenues. It’s been suggested that I not include it on my résumé because a potential employer may think I will not give enough attention to their business or that I will leave them shortly. — L. Stokes, Via the Internet

I would heed the advice you have already received and not include your current entrepreneurial endeavors on your résumé for precisely the reasons you mentioned. Employers want dedicated, industrious, creative, and forward-thinking professionals. It’s hard to convince an employer that you are that person if your present goal is to become an entrepreneur. There are skills, however, that you have developed through previous employment that have given you the confidence to pursue your own business. Focus on presenting those proficiencies on your résumé. When you are hired, keep outside responsibilities private–even in your discussions with co-workers. Very little of on-the-job discussions are kept confidential. When you are ready to leave, make sure you give at least two weeks’ notice, depending on your responsibilities. You may believe that you’ll never have to work for anyone else again, but business connections are very unpredictable. Your manager today is someone you may need in a totally different capacity tomorrow.

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