Financial Guru Dr. Lynn Richardson Shares Money Tips for Generational Wealth

If you’re interested in creating generational wealth, you’ve probably heard of Dr. Lynn Richardson. She’s a financial guru, ordained minister, and best-selling author of financial self-help books.


Richardson has also been featured on The Steve Harvey Show as a celebrity financial expert where she’s provided advice to thousands of Americans who are trying to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle. 


But her own personal wealth-building journey didn’t happen overnight. She gained experience as a licensed financial professional, real estate broker, certified loan officer, and mortgage expert who helped create the Mortgage Approval Plan. Richardson’s well-rounded professional background and network provides her with a unique perspective on how to successfully manage one’s finances and build generational wealth.


Richardson packages all the information she has received and shares it with others to break the cycle of poverty. Her Hip Hop Sisters Foundation with business partner MC Lyte has presented over $1,000,000 in scholarships for young women.

In Richardson’s latest book, The Symphony: A Guide to Creating and Balancing Multiple Streams of Income, she shares her secrets on how to monetize all of your gifts to create a beautiful symphony of income streams.


Black Enterprise caught up with Dr. Lynn Richardson to discuss these 3 money strategies that will help you start building wealth right now!

Spend Less Money  

One way to start to get control of your money is to spend less of it. So, if you get a thousand dollars, you live by the “10-10-30-50” rule. The first 10% you tithe, the next 10% you save, 30% is cash in your pocket for incidentals (food, groceries, hair, etc.), and the remaining 50% saved in your checking account for your bills. If you don’t have enough money for your bills, you need to eliminate something.

Get More Money 

Multiple streams of income are important and this is what I discuss in my latest book,” she says. “You have to go get more money if you want to build wealth. There are many options out there. You can pick up an extra job, become an Uber driver, do extra shifts at your job, find a way to consult. Continue to stay out there trying to get extra work.” 

Get Your Money Back 

Get a home-based business. You don’t have to get an L.L.C., corporation, or S corporation. It’s not that serious. As a matter of fact, many of the deductions related to a home-based business you can only get if you file a schedule C on your personal 1040 tax returns. “If I spend money, I always ask myself if I can get it back,” Richardson says. “I write off my cell phone, my gas, my insurance, and travel. My number one business is always business.”