Dr. Vikki Johnson Unleashes ‘Soul Wealth’ on Entrepreneurs

Dr. Vikki Johnson Unleashes ‘Soul Wealth’ on Entrepreneurs

‘Soul-wealth is abundance, compassion and authentic being-ness with ourselves first and then others. Dr. Vikki Johnson takes us on a transformative journey of growing into our best selves from the inside out.

“Soul wealth means recognizing that you can’t really be great in the marketplace until you are great in the mirror first. People don’t buy what you’re selling; they buy into “who you are” and “how you make them feel.”

Dr. Johnson (@AllThingsVikki) is the CEO and founder of Authentic Living Enterprises, LLC, based in the Washington, D.C metro area. She transforms the lives of women as a multi-gifted speaker, author, chaplain, soul wealth/spiritual mentor to women and celebrities, leaders, entrepreneurs and executives. She’s a progressive thought-leader and influencer who has successfully mastered the art of networking by connecting people who can collaboratively support one another in varying capacities.

“I’m very clear that I’m a bridge for others in the marketplace. Relational equity is everything in business and life. However, before one can maximize on the connections and benefit from the highest good, it’s imperative that each person ‘do the work’ of personal growth and spiritual development.”

Soul wealth is relevant in effective business enterprise because, to achieve consistent success, the gems of discipline, determination, vision, creativity, resourcefulness, humility and confidence (to name a few) have to be strategically excavated. These intangibles are “the work” one must do before expecting to thrive in the marketplace. Before someone buys a product or service or becomes loyal to that product or service, they initially determine if they know, like and trust the person who is providing the service or selling the product.

Dr. Johnson also believes that, all too often, people get caught up in the “ego of success” which can lead to arrogance ( the opposite of confidence). Throughout her nearly three- decades of experience, she has witnessed the rise and fall of many people who depleted their relational equity and suffered severe consequences because of it. Your soul wealth does affect and impact your (bottom line) wealth in business.We asked Dr. Johnson to offer seven quick tips that entrepreneurs can use to achieve and thrive in soul wealth.

1. Practice radical self-care. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually because you can’t give away what you don’t have.

2. Always keep the “vision for your life” in the forefront (Get one if you don’t have one). It becomes inspiration when times get tough.

3. Establish/maintain a consistent spiritual practice.

4. Nurture your personal and professional relationships in “real time” not just via technology.

5. Master your financial habits so they don’t master you. Get help if necessary.

6. Keep a mentor/coach. There is always more to learn and more space to grow.

7. Laugh a lot. It’s a great stress reliever.

Dr. Johnson has recently launched the Soul Wealth Academy offering spiritual mentorship and support for celebrities, executives and leaders called Soul Growth. The academy primarily supports women in media, ministry, music and entertainment, many of whom are also mothers. Expressly excited to be able to now serve women at a greater capacity, she’s also working on new book projects and keeping up with an aggressive speaking itinerary.

To inquire, join the movement and mailing list, feel free to explore the possibilities at www.VikkiJohnson.com.

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