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NYC Doctor Suing After White Neighbor Allegedly Turns Water Hose On His Dinner Guests

Dr. Yves Duroseau, the head of Lenox Hill Hospital ‘s emergency department and the first doctor to publicly receive the COVID-19 vaccine, filed a lawsuit involving his neighbor allegedly attacking the doctor’s guests at his Queens, New York City, home. The incident happened on Sept 17, 2022, when Duroseau was hosting a dinner party for his sister at his home, alongside his wife and several high-profile dinner guests. Everyone in attendance at the party except for one person was an ethnic minority, and the dinner was catered by chef Vanessa Cantave, the winner of Rocco’s Dinner Party in 2011. 

According to The Independent, the lawsuit states that what happened was “reminiscent of 1960s Birmingham, Alabama, when white law enforcement officers used fire hoses to douse, assault and batter African Americans participating in civil rights demonstrations in an attempt to get them to comply and disperse.”

Duroseau ‘s neighbor, a white woman, referred to in his lawsuit as “Jane Doe,” allegedly disturbed the dinner party by showing up in the foyer of the house, uninvited, with a German shepherd in tow. Catering employees and guests stated they were afraid that the dog would attack them, as it was acting in a highly aggressive manner. The woman allegedly demanded that the partygoers turn their music down. Dr. Duroseau informed her that the party would soon be ending and asked the woman to leave. 

Not long after that, Duroseau’s other neighbor, Marcus Rosebrock, allegedly grabbed his garden hose and began spraying water at the people gathered in the backyard. In the lawsuit, Rosebrock is described as conducting himself in a “racist character” and that the water pressure was “extremely powerful and stinging in nature.”

According to the lawsuit, Rosebrock pointed the hose at the attendants of the party “with increased water pressure and violently water sprayed them in the face and body, drenching them.” The lawsuit addresses the actions of both Jane Doe and Marcus Rosebrock, seeking charges of trespassing and assault and battery, respectively.

According to Duroseau’s attorney, Derek Sells, Duroseau and his wife called 911 on the night of the alleged attack and Sells said that although Rosebrock still lives next door, there has been no significant contact between the two households since the night of the party. Rosebrock has not responded to the complaint filed by Duroseau, but his attorney, Brandon Gilliard, said that, “Mr. Rosebrock denies any of the allegations in the complaint and rejects any characterization that he is racist, or [that] his actions were racially motivated.” 

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