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Do Good Drizzy! Drake Offers To Pay Off Mortgage Of Fan’s Deceased Mother’s Home

Drake showcased his philanthropic spirit by offering to pay off the mortgage for the home of a fan's deceased mother during a performance.

On March 2, amid the beats and melodies of Drake’s “It’s All A Blur – Big As the What?” tour, the Toronto rapper once again showcased his philanthropic spirit by offering to pay off the mortgage for the home of a fan’s deceased mother during a performance at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri, according to Complex.

In a heartwarming moment that unfolded on March 2, Drake paused the concert to engage with the crowd, during which he received a note from a fan detailing the difficult situation. Reading aloud from the note, Drake shared, “You said, ‘[Pay] off my mom’s house, rest in peace.’ Your mom passed away? Alright. And you owe… Oh, this is the outstanding balance right here.” The rapper’s genuine concern for the fan’s plight was evident as he continued, “This is a lot of money right here.”

Undeterred by the substantial amount, which he later revealed to be $160,000, Drake immediately announced his intention to alleviate the financial burden. “But you know what, Imma pay off your momma’s house for you,” he declared, eliciting cheers and applause from the audience.

The rapper expressed his commitment to cover the entire expense “out of my pocket,” emphasizing the personal nature of this generous act. “That’s gonna come from me,” Drake assured the fan. He also took a moment to pay respects, saying, “Rest in peace to your momma. Hold on, wait. Rest in peace to Jennifer Schumer. Rest in peace. I love you.”

This gesture of kindness is not the first time Drake has extended support to fans in need. In February, the acclaimed artist gifted $50,000 to a cancer survivor, showcasing his consistent dedication to making a positive impact. Just days before the Kansas City concert, Drake promised a generous contribution of $100,000 to a fan who had recently completed a round of chemotherapy treatments.

Drake’s actions highlight his ongoing commitment to using his influence and success to bring joy and relief to those facing challenging circumstances. As the “It’s All A Blur – Big As the What?” tour continues, fans can anticipate more moments of genuine connection and compassion from the acclaimed rapper.

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