Drake, Toronto, multiple sclerosis.

Drake Promises To Cover Fan’s Medical Bills For MS On Last Tour Stop In Toronto

Drake will do “whatever it takes” for his fans.

In a heartwarming moment in the middle of his concert in Toronto on Oct. 6, the Canadian rapper promised a fan with multiple sclerosis that he would cover her medical bills for treatment.

The Grammy-winning artist spotted the fan who revealed that she suffers from the disease. After stopping the concert, he proclaimed his intentions to help the woman get the care she needs, as revealed in footage shared by Complex in an X post.

“I’m a pay whatever it takes to get you get the best help in the world. I promise you that,” Drake said.

Drake’s main producer, Noah “40” Shebib, also has MS. Drake made a special shoutout to him during the moment, letting her know that he will try to get the two in contact.

“You know, my brother’ 40′ is one of the strongest people on Earth, and he fights through a lot of things,” shared Drake in the vulnerable scene. “Maybe y’all can have a conversation.”

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that impacts the central nervous system. The nerve damage caused by the deterioration of the protective coverings can lead to vision loss, pain, and impaired coordination. Over the years, the “unpredictable” illness can also lead to losing the ability to perform basic movements, such as speaking or walking, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Drake continued to show love, inviting the fan back for his second show in the “6” for the following night. Drake has also been open about his health struggles recently, even taking a break from music.

The philanthropic 36-year-old rapper has been in a very giving spirit across his “Its All A Blur” tour, often gifting female concertgoers Birkin and Chanel bags. With this most recent promise, he is expanding his exorbitant gifts to ones that could save a life.