Draymond Green

Draymond Green Gets Ejected After Placing Rudy Gobert In Chokehold During Game

A suspension is expected for the Golden State Warriors forward.

Basketball fans know that the NBA season is officially in play when Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green gets into a scuffle.

Green, partially known for his on-court fights, was ejected from a game when he placed Minnesota Timberwolves player Rudy Gobert in a chokehold, Yahoo Sports reports.

At the start of the Warriors-Timberwolves contest on Nov. 14, while the Warriors were bringing the ball down the court, Timberwolves’ Jaden McDaniels and Warriors’ Klay Thompson became entangled. In the process of swinging each other around, Rudy Gobert is seen grabbing Thompson around the neck, and immediately, Green comes to his teammate’s defense and snatches Gobert up in a headlock. Green drags him up the court as the players from both teams break up the tussle.

Three players, McDaniels, Thompson, and Green, were ejected from the game.

The Golden State Warriors big man, teammate Klay Thompson, and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Jaden McDaniels were ejected from an NBA in-season tournament game following a brawl that erupted in the first two minutes.

Gobert commented on the incident by remarking, “Not much to say. That’s just clown behavior,” according to NBA.com.

Former NBA player and Golden State head coach Steve Kerr said that it was McDaniels’ fault and that Thompson should not have been ejected.

“He’s running up the floor, and the guy grabs his jersey, and he’s pulling on him. So Klay pulls back,” Kerr said. “No way that Klay should have been ejected. That was ridiculous.”

Although Gobert was involved in the situation, he was not ejected. Crew chief Tyler Ford explained why he was allowed to continue playing.

 “Gobert was attempting to separate Thompson and McDaniels and was ruled to be a peacemaker. We reviewed all other players and acts, and no other unsportsmanlike acts were observed.”

With Green’s actions, an expected suspension awaits the Golden State Warrior player.