Drink Worry-Free With This Self-Cleaning Water Bottle
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Drink Worry-Free With This Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Self-cleaning water bottle
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These days, an added emphasis has been placed on good hygiene, and for good reason.

The coronavirus pandemic forced people worldwide to rethink their daily hygienic habits in attempts to slow the spread of the virus. Childhood habits such as thorough handwashing and covering one’s mouth or nose after coughing or sneezing became staples in daily lives.

Sanitizing our possessions also became a priority, and the practice included cleaning everything from cellphones to steering wheels to smartwatches. The added emphasis on hygiene also forced us to reconsider just how frequently we maintained clean eating devices, such as our water bottles.

With the Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle, there’s one less item you’ll have to worry about maintaining. For a limited time, it’s available for only $34.99. That’s a savings of 28% from its MSRP ($49).

Thanks in part to its unique carry handle, Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle will quickly become your everyday water bottle. The design not only makes it easy to tote around, but it helps it maintain a durable profile.

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The Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle eliminates the recalcitrant bacteria that become stuck to traditional water bottles because of time and frequent use. It unscrews from the middle for easy cleaning. It’s vacuum-insulated, allowing your hot beverages to stay hot for 12 hours, while your cold beverages remain cold for 24 hours.

Ice cubes can be added at the middle opener.

While the Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle shines for keeping beverages hot and cold, you can throw your protein powder or pre-workout into its middle opening and drink them before your visits to the gym.

The Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle comes in a stainless steel black color, and it’s BPA-free. Also included with purchase are two leak-proof caps to keep contents secure.

Free your mind from having to worry about another thing to sanitize and keep clean and purchase the Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle today.

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