Dropping the Mic: The Best of B.E. Obama

Dropping the Mic: The Best of B.E. Obama

Seems like it was just yesterday when Barack Obama defied all odds to make history as the first African American to be elected president in 2008. Now, after two terms and eight years in the White House, we must say goodbye. Here’s a roundup of some of the best news and think pieces we published on Obama.

10 Reasons Obama’s Presidency Will Go Down In History


In a few short weeks, Obama’s tenure in the White House will officially come to an end. While preparing for his exit, let’s remember all that he has done.


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Obama Was the Best President Technology Could Have Ever Wanted


The tech industry will miss Obama when he’s gone


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Obama’s Track Record for Helping Young Women of Color

New report on the Obama administration’s effort to advance equity for black and Latina women and girls


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President Obama’s Positive Track Record For Helping African Americans


Administration has not failed the black community according to its policies


[President Barack Obama signs the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans Executive Order in July 2012 (Image: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)]



Obama’s Legacy of Supporting Small Businesses


President Obama has launched several initiatives that have helped to accelerate entrepreneurship among underserved groups


[President Barack Obama talks with participants before a meeting with small business owners to discuss a balanced approach to the debt limit and deficit reduction, in 2012. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)]