Dwayne Wade Joins Author James Patterson to Help Kids Read
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Dwayne Wade Teams Up With Author James Patterson to Help Kids Read

Miami Heat guard, Dwayne Wade, and best-selling author, James Patterson, are on a mission to inspire today’s youth to read. The duo recently visited Ponce de Leon Middle School in Coral Gables, Florida to motivate kids to read more.

Patterson, known for books such as Alex Cross and 11th Hour, is determined to increase the reading power of young minds in a world where the shorthand of social media is quickly taking over.

“It’s a massive problem. Dwyane and I have the same agenda: We want to get more kids reading. For me, this is about saving lives,” said Patterson.

With two kids of his own, Wade wants to show how imaginations can grow from literature.

“I was a big dreamer. Today, my life is so busy. … Reading is my time. I can become someone else. And the most fun I have is reading with my kids,” Dwayne says.

According to BlackCelebrityKids.com, Ponce de Leon students were more than excited by Wade and Patterson’s visit and are looking at reading in a new light.