Techies Talk E-Commerce During #BETech Twitter Chat

Techies Talk E-Commerce During #BETech Twitter Chat hosted a Twitter chat on Friday, May 3 to discuss the now trillion dollar industry. “Behind the Screen: E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Selling Online,” which featured guest experts Tracey Solomon, co-founder and co-president at Hoseanna, a site where busy women can sign up for monthly or quarterly deliveries of must-have pantyhose, trouser socks, leggings and shape wear, among other things, and Rachel Brooks, co-founder of Citizen Made, an e-commerce platform that allows brands to sell custom products online, discussed their journey and tips for navigating the e-commerce industry. Everyone from tech innovators and makers to social media ninjas and fellow e-comm founders weighed in via the #BETech hashtag on Twitter. Check out what chat participants had to say about e-commerce: