How to Easily Double Your MacBook’s Storage

How to Easily Double Your MacBook’s Storage

People love their MacBooks. Although, one problem with the sleek laptops is that they are not as easy to add additional storage space, as is the case with PCs.

TarDisk is a successfully funded KickStarter project which solves that problem.

How It Works


The device is a small chip that fits into the SD card reader slot of a MacBook. It merges with the laptop’s existing hard drive, becoming an expanded, logical drive. It adds up to 256 GB of additional storage space. Free cloud backup is also provided to customers for two weeks after the install.

It’s also designed for speedy performance.  TarDisk runs at the original speed of a MacBook’s internal SSD, instead of having to collect information from an “external” source, which can slow things down.

This means it does data transfers (reading and writing data), leveraging the nimble speed of the MacBook’s internal SSD drive. This capability is also what sets TarDisk apart from other disk expansion solutions created for the MacBook.

According to the TarDisk team, “Performance tests taken with BlackMagic, GeekBench, and NovaBench show equivalent or slightly improved MacBook performance.”

Easy Install


Additionally, there are no tools required to install, nor is there a need to open up the computer and risk of damaging your hardware.  Just insert the chip into your SD card reader, and TarDisk will merge with your existing drive, creating a unified logical drive (the company calls this feature “pears.”)

The tiny card is made from an aluminum enclosure that complements the look of a MacBook.

A total of 977 backers pledged $127,838 to help the company bring TarDisk to the market. “And ever since we sold the first units, we have heard from countless people who were ecstatic to find a product that could double their MacBook hard drive,” says a TarDisk representative.

TarDisk storage expansion is available on Amazon as a 128GB ($148) or 256GB card ($399). It works with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.