Ecclectic Experience: How to Explain a Diverse Resume

Ecclectic Experience: How to Explain a Diverse Resume

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Some professionals have career journeys filled with related jobs or a traditional path in one field or industry. Others’ are filled with twists and turns, sometimes into areas that are totally unrelated. The challenge comes: How do you explain such a mixed resume to a prospective employer? Will they be turned off?

For those who have felt the heaviness of the economy, sometimes taking on unrelated jobs can be the best way to pay the bills. For millennials, it’s not uncommon to jump around in a plight to figure out what fits and what doesn’t. But, how can you market yourself accordingly?

Fortune contributor Anne Fisher offers key advice on how to do just that. She writes:

The recession bumped lots of people out of their old jobs and into new roles in unrelated fields. Taking any work they could get to pay the bills has left these folks with an assortment of experience that can be hard to tie together into a tidy narrative. Not only that, but millennials, that vast cohort just a few years your junior, are notorious for changing jobs every couple of years no matter what the economy is doing.

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