Eco-Chic Beauty Tech

Eco-Chic Beauty Tech

Are you the organic, eco-chic aware type ? If so, check out the new online marketplace LOVR, founded by an African American female tech entrepreneur. Launching in beta on August 29, LOVR is a curated digital store for organic, all-natural beauty and wellness products.

Founder and CEO Jessica Pritchett says she launched the platform as a way to help people detox their beauty regimens. “Most women put over 500 synthetic chemicals on their skin, nails, and hair every day. Studies have shown that these chemicals have led to cancer, reproductive harm, and neurotoxicity,” says Pritchett.

The site includes unique and hard-to-find items with enticing names, such as Moorish Mocha Body Butter, Velvet lipstick, and Lavender Mint and Clover shampoo. Products on the site include ethically-made, vegan items as well, and cosmetics sourced from ingredients that carry the Fair Trade label. There are several products for men, too.

Beauty brands offering organic products are currently being selected for LOVR. When the platform is released, shoppers will have access to a wide range of brands in categories, including skin, hair, cosmetics, body & bath, mommy & baby, men, fragrance, and more.

Rather than buying from a single source, when customers shop at LOVR they will have access to a diverse range of brands spanning every corner of the beauty realm. Vendors will have a chance to share their story with a dashboard and profile page, offering shoppers a way to get to know each seller.

Shoppers will be able to peruse the new marketplace in two ways: the LOVR website or the LOVR iOS app later in the year. The LOVR platform can be easily accessed by anyone from any place where there is an Internet connection, making it simple for shoppers to find the ideal organic beauty products. According to Pritchett, “LOVR seeks to disrupt the $15.98B global organic beauty market.”