Eliminate the Chaos: How to Organize Your Job Hunt

Eliminate the Chaos: How to Organize Your Job Hunt

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Looking for a job can become stressful and hectic. From tailoring your resume to match each prospect position, to creating a perfect cover letter, to searching through job listings for the job that interests you most, it’s easy for one to get frustrated and want to give up on their search all together. But not so fast! We’ve created a list of ways that are sure to bring organization to your job hunt and relieve some of the tension:

Sign up for job-alert postings: Several job search databases, including Careerbuilder.com, Mediabistro.com and many more allow you to sign up for job alerts for free. These job alerts can be tailored to the career interest of your choice, allowing notifications to be sent straight to your e-mail when a job that matches your qualifications is posted.

Enter your resume into a career search database: Posting your resume and cover letter in a database will allow employers who are hiring to see your information and reach out to you. This will cut back time you spend tracking down companies with open positions, and it will give you that extra boost of confidence when you find out someone searched your resume and found your qualifications to be perfect for their company.

Create a schedule for your job search and stick to it: It’s easy to want to spend your entire day searching Websites for job openings, going from office to office to pass out your resume, and sending emails to companies. But spending all day, every day looking for a job can be tiring, stressful and overwhelming. Organize your day in a manner where you dedicate a specific amount of hours to your job search, while leaving time to clear your mind and regroup. This method will allow you to keep a refreshed mind at all times.