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Empowering Journal for Black Dads Launched By CEO of Fathers Incorporated

The launch of Strength of the Father: Affirmations for Black Dads represents a pivotal moment in the narrative of Black fatherhood. This groundbreaking journal, authored by Kenneth Braswell, the CEO of Fathers Incorporated, aims to fortify Black fathers by providing an empowering resource designed to cultivate resilience, self-love, and wisdom. These elements are essential in the navigation of the unique journey of Black fatherhood.

“This journal,” Braswell articulates, “is a tangible embodiment of my deep-seated commitment to uplifting the voices and experiences of Black fathers. It acts as a guide, a companion, and a reflective tool that showcases the inherent strength and potential every Black father possesses.”The relevance of Strength of the Father lies in its commitment to reframe the discourse around Black fatherhood, enabling Black fathers to rewrite their narratives and reinforce their mental fortitude. Braswell emphasizes the importance of this process. “Our mental health is not just about coping with life’s challenges, but also about nurturing our potential to grow, to learn, and to create positive change. Self-affirmation plays an integral role in this journey.”

By providing daily affirmations tailored to the experiences of Black fathers, “Strength of the Father” encourages a regular, transformative dialogue with the self. This self-dialogue can spark a powerful internal shift, influencing how Black fathers perceive themselves and their place in the world.

“Fathers Incorporated has always been driven by the belief that empowering fathers empowers families,” states Braswell. “With ‘Strength of the Father,’ we hope to inspire Black dads to realize their significance not only within their families but within society at large. Each affirmation serves as a reminder of their worth, their strength, and their invaluable role as fathers.”

Strength of the Father is not just a journal; it’s a celebration of Black fatherhood, an affirmation of Black identity, and a powerful tool for personal growth and emotional resilience. It weaves together the threads of self-love, overcoming adversity, legacy building, leadership, spiritual growth, emotional intelligence, health and wellness, relationship building, personal growth, cultural pride, social justice, and the joys of fatherhood.

Braswell elucidates, “The journal is not just about the individual affirmations, but the collective power they hold when embraced consistently. Each affirmation is a stepping stone on the journey towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.”