Black Girl Power, King Center

‘Empowher’ Event To Uplift Black Girls Held At King Center In Atlanta

The event introduced its participants for the months-long program, preparing them for career readiness and character building.

The next generation of Black women leaders took flight on April 27 at the historic King Center in Atlanta. The “Empowher: Empowering Black Girls To Lead” event aimed to inspire its attendees to change the world.

Goldman Sach’s One Million Black Women initiative partnered with the King Center to host the event. The program helps young girls aged 13 to 18 with career readiness, mental and physical health, and character development. Dr. Bernice King, daughter of famed civil rights leader the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., spoke on the program’s impact on Black girls.

“We want to develop leaders of the future who are steeped in Dr. King’s nonviolent methodology,” explained Dr. Bernice King to WSB-TV.

The Beloved Community Leadership Academy spearheaded the “Empowher” event, which introduced its next cohort of future leaders. The esteemed attendees wore white suits to the occasion as they began their transformative journeys. The program, evoking the philosophy for social change championed by Rev. Dr. King, will help the girls prepare for adulthood.

Through multiple in-person and virtual sessions throughout the upcoming months, participants will learn of their power to facilitate change in their communities. Not only will it foster holistic wellness, but it will include resume writing and interviewing to ensure their professional development.

The King Center first announced its partnership with the Goldman Sachs nonprofit in 2022 and aided in relaunching this youth leadership program. Moreover, its CEO shared how the initiative honors Rev. Dr. King’s mission and values.

“By lifting up Black women and girls everywhere, we can not only honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. but also create a more dynamic and inclusive economy,” said David Solomon, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, as covered by Axios

Furthermore, the entire program is free for all selected participants, affirming Dr. King’s message of social equality. The girls will meet monthly to foster their leadership qualities in this innovative program. Their graduation will take place in October.